Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A 'punch in the gut'

...or 'gut-wrenching' I will never in my entire life, (barring Alzheimer's or dementia) - forget the feeling of being at Ground Zero in NYC, March of 2012.  It was, what I imagined visiting a concentration camp, or any other place where many people died in a tragic/horrifying way...

Here the NY Times discusses the museum and provides haunting photos.  I've no real reason to want to go to the museum, but I feel the coming generations of school children should make the trip - the same way they visit Gettysburg, or other places of historical portent.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Packing the boxes

...and soon will move the blog to the new digs:

Since I am not really an 'org'anization - LOL - more of an institution.

Not sure if I am going to have a new look or will be fun to play around.

The move coincides with a project I am working on to help people tell their stories of recovery - to give hope to those still suffering and their loved ones.  Too many kids are dying from drug use...and I feel compelled to do what I can to get the message out and remove the stigma from this disease so people can get the help they need. We've been in the dark too's time for some light.  Anyone out there who reads this blog - write to me at or if you are interested in contributing or know someone who might want to share their story of hope.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Readying for 'the move'

School, Work, Family, 'Do-Gooding-Stuff', Friends, Housework, Kids...the list is endless and I have come to crucify myself for not having time-management skills...but yet...I really do not think it is the case.

I have begun a new project, and I am cautiously excited about this...but the time...where the fuck do I find the time?

School will be ending briefly, only to start up again...and..I want to devote myself to learning...but how?

Work - this job is beyond ridiculous...feel like I am 12 years old instead of a grown up and the things they wanted me to do for them...they won't let me that just me?  Do I have to turn into uber bitch to accomplish anything?  Why do people feel that politics in the workplace are productive, let alone healthy? WTF?

Thank God/dess for my husband who helps, who supports and who loves me through all of this...

I will be working on moving this blog...yeah, as soon as possible - or as soon as they add another 10 hours to the 24 hour day...

Je t'aime mes amis

Friday, March 28, 2014



Today, I want to write the most eloquent thanks…and not hold my breath, and not have the all-to-familiar catch in my throat when I ‘Thank God’ – A God I am increasingly having problems coming to terms with…

Today, my son is one year clean and sober! One year, out of the clutches of a monster that would have taken him in the blink of an eye, without a second thought.

 Today I want to shout it from the rooftops and still protect him like a mother hen, from the scourge, from the ‘publicity’ of even admitting to this, from everything that could possibly harm him, or make him return to that slavery.

Today, I want to reach out to other parents, and give them hope and tell them that everything is going to be OK….without cheapening their experience or dismissing the fear they too live with EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.DAY.

Today, I want to help others to get help, to know there is hope, to know that there are people who will love them no matter what, not judge them, because they are fighting a demon and a disease that they have no control over, that there are many of us waking up and listening and searching for a better way.

Today – I want it to be enough…for just one day.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Rare Bird Books

A shout out to the folks at Rare Bird Books/Rare Bird Lit. Per their respective web homes:

" Los Angeles and New York-based independent publishing house formed by Rare Bird Lit founder and former Book Soup marketing and publicity director, Tyson Cornell.

Rare Bird Books has three imprints, A Barnacle Book, A Vireo Book, and Rare Bird Books, specializing in literary fiction, political nonfiction, crime, mystery, entertainment, narrative nonfiction, cooking, and humor."

Go check them out - buys some books - and tell them Colette sent you!

We're Moving

Change is inevitable....soon, I will be moving my blog home to:

After all, I may be an institution, but I am not an organization. I will be working on a newer, fresher look for the blog as well. So...stay calm & stay  tuned mes amis!

Monday, March 03, 2014

A Book Review: The Bachelor Chapters - by Vicki Marie Stolsen

I have been writing as Colette (alas from Cleveburg, not Paris) for over a decade now.  In that time, I have talked, mused, ranted about love –in all its glory – or in many cases its no-so-glorious ways.

To that end, I was recently asked to review a book: “The Bachelorette Chapters” written by Vicki Marie Stolsen. The book is being published by FOREVERFORTY-FOUR. You can find a link to the book here:

While I am a self-proclaimed ‘free thinker’ when it comes to love/relationship – I was nonetheless a bit confused by Ms. Stolsen’s approach to this book and to romance in general.

The book opens with an out-and-out insult to white males.  Despite being a bit put off by this, I decided to read further.  I was taken on a roller-coaster ride of ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ from that point forward with very little in the way of introspection, or apology for seemingly out-of-control misogyny on the part of this woman. The book claims to be: “Staking out the terrain between Sex and the City and Eat, Pray, Love.  While I would grant that on certain levels, I can see ‘Sex and the City’ – this book in no way, shape or form resembles Eat, Pray, Love (that I could see at least, and I think Elizabeth Gilbert would keel over if she knew this was the publicity/marketing scheme for this novel).

I will say that Ms. Stolsen is a good writer. She has a knack for description, especially sexual scenes, which were not in any way demeaning to women, and are to be applauded for their unabashed eroticism.

Eventually, I could simply not keep up with all of Vicki Marie’s ‘conquests’.  While I agree that women should absolutely be as free in love as their male counterparts (unapologetically!), slamming people for having affairs, and then enticing some poor schmuck into cunninglingus (so he in essence, ends up cheating on his own wife and is then terrified that Ms. Stolsen is somehow going to blackmail him) – while shrugging it off with “I forgave myself soon enough” – was more than distasteful – it was dastardly.  I began to despise the character at that point.

I do applaud Ms. Stolsen’s inner journey and moments of introspection – but they were mere moments and never seemed to teach her anything. It is not that I am suggesting that she ‘settle down’ or not have her cake and eat it too, but acting as though women have never done this in the past is a bit naive on the part of the writer (Colette anyone? Anais Nin? Just two examples that come to mind). While again, there does seem to be interplay and some learning about certain partners, it falls short of the true exhilaration of finding and really learning about a new lover.  After all, if you are so busy, moving from tryst to tryst, how can you in all honesty have a lover?  Ms. Stolsen has taken a story that could have been incredibly liberating, only to have it seem like a sexual free-for-all, with no mention of personal responsibility, let alone, practicing safe sex, and that screams poor judgment to this reader.  My feelings on this matter were further corroborated by Ms. Stolsen’s very own closest friend (who in one scene accuses Vicki Marie of having NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), and in the very same week her own brother disowns her.  While I am not one to encourage friends diagnosing friends vis-à-vis the DSM-V – again Ms. Stolsen seems to take it all in stride and never stops to think, perhaps her friends and family have more insight into her actions than she herself is capable of having.

The other aspect of the book and character I struggled with is, how a person, who was a self-proclaimed lesbian for over 20 years, turns her back so easily on that part of her nature. I do not pretend to know the ways of lesbian inner circles, but I found this at the very least, a bit odd.  Was it because she felt that a lesbian assisted with the downfall of her ‘marriage’ to her last heterosexual husband? Again, so much seems left out of sight, out of mind - the subtitle of the book claims to be “a thinking woman’s romance” -sadly, much of the thinking (and what I consider romance), was left on the editing room floor.

If you want to read a book with some very well-written juicy bits, learn about salsa dancing, and have a whirlwind ‘fuck tour’ of major cities, then by all means, pick up this book.  Otherwise, I suggest you find yourself some episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ and DEFINITELY buy a copy of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ - save your money for a decent martini, shaken, not stirred.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's a social media blitz... a ballroom blitz....but without the long-haired guys in spandex..well...hmmm

Anyway - the new gig requires social media posting! Yes! And to those out there who doubt the usefulness of such endeavors, I am here to tell you that they work.

That is all for now.